Precise Insights for Data-Driven Product Design

We have replicated human taste and smell using cell-based assays, giving us insight into consumers' sentiments about a wide range of sensory experiences.


  • Taste & Smell Optimization

    Achieve consistency and consumer loyalty with our technology. Improve taste, measure bitterness, and preserve flavor when reformulating.

  • Quality Research & Validation

    Test the shelf-life of products without human tasters, detect malodors and off-tastes in recycled packaging, and take other quality control measures.

  • Product Design & Innovation

    Compare your in-development samples to gold standards, identify gaps in target taste or smell, and reduce formulation errors to improve your product.


How it works

Alignment in objectives

By understanding your long-term vision as well as challenges, we can assess how our services can help you meet your consumer, business, and product experience goals.

Let the data lead the way

Aromyx technology uses the receptors in the nose and on the tongue to evaluate your products. Our lab’s proprietary process provides clients with an accurate representation of how the products will be experienced by consumers. By comparing these results to your selected standards, we quantify the similarities and differences between tastes and smells.

Data-driven decision making

Your data outputs will vary based on lab results, product type, and project objectives. Our deliverables serve the needs of multiple departments. For R&D/NPD and Sales/Marketing teams, we offer Principal Component Analysis (PCA) maps, Dose Response Curves/EC-50 graphs, Receptor Activation Heat Maps and more. 

Sustainable business growth

Eliminating the need for animal testing and the subjectivity of human panels, we capture the vast range of smell and taste perceptions. This helps you reduce guesswork and accelerate the path to launching products that consumers will love.

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