We are a team of scientists, engineers, and researchers that aim to improve the world and the lives of people through positive sensory experiences.

Our vision

As a leader in consumer insight data, we aim to become a critical component in the development of all taste and smell solutions.


Using cell-based taste and smell assays to mimic nature

Humans have highly developed olfactory receptors in our noses and bodies, which enable us to detect trillions of different smells and tastes. As a result of our data collection process, our customers are able to leverage these valuable insights to achieve their business objectives.


Solutions for your product through biotechnology, data science, and AI

Aromyx technology uses the receptors in the nose and on the tongue to evaluate your products. Our proprietary methods of data collection ensure that these valuable insights are captured with the highest degree of accuracy. We use these results to quantify similarities and differences in taste and smell when compared to your selected standard.

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