Bloomberg: Sugar and Salt Content Shrivels as Consumers Get Wise on Health

“The big consumer companies are responding to competitive pressures,” Peter Freedman, managing director of the industry body, said by phone. “The growth in the industry is coming from small startups with product portfolios that have a healthier angle.”

Aromyx in Wirschafts Woche

(Translated from German) Delicious at the touch of a button A start-up founder from Silicon Valley wants to capture taste and smells digitally. It would be a breakthrough to a billion-dollar business. Chris Hanson looks like a modest scientist, as he sits there, tall and stout, in his narrow, windowless and unadorned office in the … Continue reading “Aromyx in Wirschafts Woche”

Aromyx and Stanford

Aromyx scientists are working with researchers at Stanford University’s Beckman Center for Cell Sciences Imaging Facility (CSIF) to visualize the cellular localization of the Aromyx engineered human olfactory receptor proteins and associated signal transduction partner proteins. Using the Beckman Center’s state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopes, our scientists can verify the production and correct localization of our … Continue reading “Aromyx and Stanford”

Olfactory Measurement White Paper

We have a new white paper, written by Dr. Bill Harries, that discusses our ex vivo approach to measuring taste and scent to other in vivo methods. Please contact us for a copy.

BBC Business Daily Interview with Ed Butler and Chris Hanson- Dec. 9, 2016

Ed Butler: The overarching aim is to create what Dr. Vestreppen calls a digital map of Belgian beer to help drinkers select their next of taste. How about a digital map of taste and scent more generally, imagine if you could crack that code just as you now can digitally for sound and vision. No … Continue reading “BBC Business Daily Interview with Ed Butler and Chris Hanson- Dec. 9, 2016”

Aromyx interview on BBC

My interview with BBC on digital taste and scent. There is a set up at the very beginning and then the interview starts around 9 minutes 30: ‘Also in the programme, we look at the emerging technology around taste and smell. Scientists in Belgium are using robots to attempt to codify the tastes of … Continue reading “Aromyx interview on BBC”

FiRe Conference Goal: Use Technology to Address World Issues

Presenters at the 2016 FiRe Conference conference include Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Chairman Bibop Gresta, entrepreneur Emmanuel Weyi, Warburg Pincus Managing Director and Senior Advisor William Janeway, Bellamica Pictures Founder Adriana LaCorte, Microsoft Chief Economist and Vice President R. Preston McAfee, Cyon Research Corporation President and CEO Brad Holz, Filmmaker Chris Hegedus, Aromyx CEO Chris Hanson … Continue reading “FiRe Conference Goal: Use Technology to Address World Issues”