What is Aromyx?

Aromyx has built a solution for the digital capture of scent and taste – the EssenceChip™ – placing human olfactory and taste receptors onto a disposable biochip, with a digital readout. The Aromyx platform will be invaluable to large corporations in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods, chemicals and agriculture industries, as it will enable digital manipulation of taste and scent, akin to how we work with images and sounds today.

Like visual recognition in the 1980’s and speech recognition in the 1990’s, olfactory and taste recognition technology is set to advance -- and Aromyx has a proprietary breakthrough technology with many enterprise, defense, consumer and therapeutic applications.

How EssenceChip Works

  • Measure

    Customers use EssenceChip locally on premises or in the field to measure, digitally capture, archive and edit tastes or scents.

  • Read

    Customers read the EssenceChip data locally with a standard commercial plate reader.

  • Upload

    Aromyx customers can upload the EssenceChip data to the Aromyx Cloud and access our Allegory Software Suite, AromaGraph visual analytics and additional data.

  • Analyze

    Customers use Aromyx Allegory software for taste and scent creation or comparison, for ingredient substitution, QA and many other uses. Continue Reading...

Aromyx at FiRe 2016: FiReStarter Aromyx

Scent and Taste Data Cloud

Unlike chemical sensors or mass spectrometry, the Aromyx EssenceChip system shows the biochemical signals that a cup of coffee, a sniff of perfume or a glass of wine send to the brain, as mediated by the human nose and tongue. We capture that data in the Aromyx Database, accessible through the Cloud.

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Why our customers love us

Testimonial 1

Aromyx is Google Maps for Taste and Scent. It provides the flavor directions to get to any scent or taste.

Dr. J. Bruce German, Professor and Chemist, Food Science and Technology Dept., University of California at Davis